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Frontline Communications
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How to build an agile, resilient crisis communication plan

With the spread of COVID-19 rapidly changing the face of our world, organizations must adapt to unprecedented challenges to ensure business continuity, agility, and resilience. As this pandemic continues to unfold, executives across industries require effective crisis leadership in order to successfully navigate today’s uncharted waters. In particular, cohesive, two-way communication between managers and employees is critical to maintaining order, trust, and a consistent message to end customers.

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4 habits for highly effective employee communications during a crisis

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Key ingredients for your crisis communications plan, including spokespeople, audiences, and common content topics

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Specific steps you can take to quickly prepare for the next stage of the pandemic and future emergency situations

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At Crew, we believe frontline communications have never been more important. That’s why we’ve compiled key best practices that will help leaders achieve greater impact with each message they need to deliver. The actionable tips and considerations in this eBook will ease your employee communications and HR efforts during the current crisis, as well as any other emergency that comes along.

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